Kates-Boylston Publications – The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics: 2016 Edition

The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics: 2016 Edition

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Homesteaders Life Co.

The 2016 edition of “The Funeral Director’s Guide to Statistics” is a must-have for death-care professionals seeking to understand the changing dynamics of the marketplace.

This latest edition features the most up-to-date statistical information in the industry, and provides you with tools and knowledge to better understand buying trends, what services families want most and more. You’ll find a wide range of articles covering topics such as cremation trends, introducing millennials to preplanning, driving website traffic through obituaries, social media and its effect on funeral service and much more.

The guide, produced by Kates-Boylston Publications and sponsored by Homesteaders, features numerous never-before-published articles, including:

  • “Statistics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” by Rose Milto, principal and owner of Funeral Research & Insight.
  • “Data-Driven Decision Making for Your Funeral Home,” by Pam Kleese and Danielle Burmeister with Homesteaders Life Co.
  • “Newspaper Obituaries: Consumer Trends and Pricing Survey,” by Kim Evenson, chief marketing officer for Legacy.com.
  • “The Online Obituary: Your Not-So-New Secret Weapon … and Missed Business Opportunity?” by Ashley Montroy, marketing director at FrontRunner Professional.
  • “Green Burial by the Numbers,” by Lee Webster, a board member with the Green Burial Council.
  • “Facebook Marketing by the Numbers,” by Zack Garbow, co-founder of Funeral Innovations.
  • “Why Understanding Buying Behavior Is Important to a Funeral Services Provider,” by Wayne Stellmach, marketing director for Wilbert Funeral Services.
  • “Trends and Insights from Johnson Consulting Group’s Performance Tracker Program,” by Johnson Consulting Group.
  • “Key Business Metrics for Funeral Home Owners,” by Tim Bridgers, general manager at Live Oak Bank.

You’ll also find contributions from Daniel M. Isard, founder and president of The Foresight Companies; Kathy Williams and Melissa Drake from American Funeral Consultants; and Barbara Kemmis, executive director of the Cremation Association of North America. The guide also includes a collection of up-to-date statistical information, including Funeral Service Insider surveys on compensation, caskets and accounts receivable and cremation statistics from CANA.

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