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The Funeral Director's Memorialization Guide

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The Funeral Director's Memorialization Guide

Get the tools you need to celebrate the life lived of every person you serve, or will serve in the future.

If baby boomers have taught us anything, it's that there's no such thing as "traditional" anymore ... and that includes memorializing a loved one.

Today a loved one may just as likely be remembered in a service held on a football field as in a funeral home's chapel. Services today include favorite foods, laughter and even the occasional can of Mountain Dew - or shot of tequila.

"The Funeral Director's Memorialization Guide" focuses on giving you the tools needed to provide a service that celebrates an individual's personality – from using celebrants to help in telling a person's life story and creating memorable services to offering the right mix of memorialization products and explaining the importance of ceremony.

Topics covered in the "The Funeral Director's Memorialization Guide" include:

  • Embracing celebratory language in your services.
  • Starting the memorialization conversation with your families.
  • Improving your bottom line by offering memorialization products.
  • Encouraging permanent memorialization to all families you serve.
  • And much more!

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