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FrontRunner Professional Advances Executive Team

KINGSTON, Ontario – FrontRunner has announced the advancement of the executive team, the company said in a press release.

Since its inception, FrontRunner has been led by the company’s Founder/CEO Kevin Montroy, along with family members and a loyal group of staff. The advancement moves Jason Truesdell to company president, Ashley Montroy to chief marketing officer, and Jules Green to CEO. Kevin Montroy will continue as the founder/chairman.

This move is designed to continue to accelerate the growth of FrontRunner as a company. With the move of Kevin Montroy to founder/chairman, it will allow him to focus solely on the innovations of the company and leave the day-to-day operations to Green, Ashley Montroy and Truesdell, all long-term employees and family members.

“Stephanie Reid (Montroy), Ashley Montroy, Jules Green and Jason Truesdell have become the face of FrontRunner and have been instrumental in attaining the unprecedented growth of the company over the past five years. They are highly capable and dedicated to continuing the high standards and focus on helping funeral service. FrontRunner has always been about family, whether it is our family, our staff’s family or our clients’ families. I couldn’t be more proud of them, or more excited for their future and the future of our clients with so many developments and innovations coming up at FrontRunner,” Kevin Montroy said.

Ashley Montroy will continue to lead the corporate marketing team and accelerate the client marketing services division which has now grown to over 15 employees.

“By providing an in-house focused and integrated marketing approach with social media, search engine optimization and video marketing, the results are stunning. Compared with a fractured approach of funeral homes running with five different technology companies and three different marketing companies, having everything working as one integrated strategy it truly making all the difference in the growth of their company. The days of ‘build it and they will come’ being sold by less reputable website providers has long passed and firms that sit idly under this belief are quickly seeing their market share decline. In fact, if a funeral home only has a single website as part of their online strategy, they are already losing” said Ashley Montroy. “The addition of Paul Orlando, former marketing director of MKJ Marketing and co-founder of Adfinity, to the marketing team raises the bar even higher and helps reinforce FrontRunner as being one of the fastest growing full marketing agencies serving the funeral profession.”

Stephanie Montroy is heading up Kingston Webworks, a web-based solutions provider outside of FrontRunner, focused on serving both the local community needs and FrontRunner client needs with their business ventures outside of funeral service, further reinforcing a single integrated approach to help clients excel in all aspects of their businesses. She will also look after the funeral supplier segment of the death-care market for all of their technology and marketing needs.

To learn more about FrontRunner, call 866-748-3625 or visit

Posted Aug. 30, 2017


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