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Pet Removal Cot On the Way

Pet funeral directors and others in the pet business will soon be able to buy a removal cot specifically for pets.

Ferno Mortuary plans on introducing a pet removal cot, according to El-B Bourgraf, director of the company’s mortuary division.

According to Bourgraf, a prototype of the pet removal cot generated lots of buzz at the National Funeral Directors Association convention in Las Vegas. The new product will likely begin being sold soon, he said.

“In watching the trade journals and news, things kept going toward the pet end,” Bourgraf said. “We’ve seen a number of companies out there produce more and more pet industry related death-care items. This really is an offshoot of one of our existing products that I chose to implement into this market.”

Bourgraf said the pet removal cot will be able to carry about 300 pounds. The platform length will be 50 inches long, and it will be able to load into the back of a minivan or station wagon at a height of 29.5 inches. The cot itself will weigh about 65 pounds.

The response from attendees at the NFDA convention convinced the company to move ahead with introducing the product, Bourgraf said. “I actually had a number of people want to buy it right off the show floor,” Bourgraf said. “They felt it was the right size and covered a need. They’d rather take this out versus one of their longer stretchers to pick up a dog or cat. This is a shorter cot.”

During the design process, Bourgraf struggled to determine what, if anything, would go over the cot. “Basically, we are just going to put a plain cover over the top that will have an elastic on both ends so that it will conceal the pet,” he said.


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